DSK has been the most well-known diesel engine repairer in Korea by providing a wide range of repair service to Engine maker(Hyundai, Doosan, STX) and ship owners as well as clients in power plants whatever related with diesel engine.

Our comprehensive in-house and on-board repair capability ensures fast, efficient and reliable servicing of all your on-board electrical and electronic systems and equipment.
Cullys provide servicing, repair and fault diagnosis services to your marine products and systems, new and old. To preserve the lifespan and reliability of your vessel, engine and electrical system servicing s is also essential.

Engine / Turbo Charger / Power Plant / Controllable Pitch Propeller Repair Services.
In 2014, Cullys / DSK South Korea have made a commitment to provide a wide range of repair service to Engine Makers (MAN, Hyundai, Doosan STX) and ship owners in power plants related with Diesel Engine here in Australia.

Our Services
Recondition repair service
Engine repair service
Hull repair service
Turbocharger repair service
Power plant service
It is always best to leave any dangerous maintenance or repairs to the experts, so before attempting diagnosis on your own system, it is advised you contact our experienced staff first!

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