MiniCommand is the evolution of standard electronic controls. MiniCommand provides affordable single lever control of electronically actuated diesel engines and marine transmissions. Designed specifically for pleasure craft and light duty commercial applications up to 60 feet in length, with a maximum of two control stations, the MiniCommand control processor incorporates the logic circuits for two engines and transmissions in one compact package. The single unit design allows for the processor to be mounted in smaller spaces while maintaining two completely separate operating systems. MiniCommand provides the features of control systems costing significantly more, all with the proven durability from ZF Marine.

For operators already familiar with ZF Marine’s existing control systems, MiniCommand offers the flexibility to be paired with the same control heads offered for MicroCommand, CruiseCommand, and ClearCommand. In addition the 4200 Series control head was designed specifically for MiniCommand. A derivative of the popular 5200 control head for the SmartCommand control system, the 4200 offers all the ergonomic comfort and modern European design required by many of today’s boat builders.


CruiseCommand is the next step based on the proven MicroCommand and ClearCommand product families. It is designed specifically for larger vessels with multiple control stations and electronic engines and electrically shifted transmissions. CruiseCommand incorporates all the standard features of ZF Marine control systems including warm up mode, station transfer, single lever operation, and engine synchronization. CruiseCommand has a number of type approvals if classification is required for the application.

MicroCommand and ClearCommand

MicroCommand and ClearCommand are robust controls that have been long established as industry standards in electronic controls technology. These two products are suited to all applications utilizing mechanical engines and gears with any combination of electronic throttle or shift. MicroCommand and ClearCommand have been tested to requirements set by survey societies such as ABS and DNV, and meet ABYC standards for performance and functional testing. Both products carry the CE mark and are certified for sale in Europe.

Utilizing the proven ClearCommand platform, Premium ClearCommand was developed specifically for unique applications in multi-engine commercial, and very large pleasure craft vessel applications. Premium ClearCommand is designed to interface with many commercially available DP systems and meets the stringent standards of most classification societies. In addition to all of the standard features of ZF Marine control systems, Premium ClearCommand offers unique features such as:

  • Engine room and remote station lock out
  • Unique transfer functionality and station in command indication as required by ABS
  • Dynamic Positioning and joystick interface
  • Fixed neutral delay for shaft brake sequencing


SmartCommand is the result of fifty years of experience in designing vessel control systems. A powerful control system for today’s electronically controlled engines and ZF transmissions, SmartCommand integrates the latest in CANbus communication technology with a user-friendly multifunction control head for up to six vessel control stations. The compact control head design combines an ergonomic lever shape with a user-friendly touch pad allowing for all system functions to be easily selected using soft-touch push buttons. Visual indicators help to locate the neutral detent position and two color LEDs indicate station in command, and transmission engagement. SmartCommand puts you in complete control with dedicated control modes for all standard ZF Marine control system functions with the addition of Easidock, and AutoTroll.

Easidock ensures positive clutch response resulting in easy and precise maneuverability in confined areas. Easidock provides the ability to modulate clutch engagement and control engine speed to obtain the optimum propeller speed for safe docking. AutoTroll permits a full range of low speed control incorporating a shaftline sensor for closed loop feedback to maintain a specifically demanded propeller rpm. AutoTroll allows for clutch slippage to be controlled while maintaining minimum engine speed. SmartCommand’s CANbus communication perfectly synchronizes engines in all modes without the need for dedicated buttons or switches.

Aftersale / Service