Sealand 500+ Series Toilet Repairs

Cullys technicians carried out fault finding and repairs to the 500+ Series Toilet installed in a trailer.

The toilet pedal had broken and would no longer flush. The fault was found and repaired

The happy client can now start up the Wedding Season with fully operational toilets!!

Cummins Onan 5KW Diesel Generator Rebuild

Scope of Works:

General Inspection
Check Engine Oil Level
Check Engine Coolant Level
Clean and Check Battery
Clean Spark Arrestor
Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Check Coolant Anti-freeze Protection
Flush Coolant System
Replace Coolant Pressure Cap
Replace Engine V-Belt
Adjust Engine Valve Lash
Replace Generator Bearings, Drive Belt, Belt Tensioner, Drive Coupling, & Pulley
Replace Brush Block
Replace Relay, Circuit Breaker & DC Control Harness


Before Photos:






























































After Photos:

Rubra Coffee – Design, Supply & Install, Test & Commission AC & DC electrical services

Multi pole changeover switch for selection of Grid Supply, Off or Generator Supply rated at 32A. All switchboard circuits are protected by Combination RCD & Miniature Circuit Breakers. This offer includes for all equipment, cable, power points, Isolator to complete the installation and submit Electrical Certificate on completion. All equipment shown on drawing are shown in a generalised location and can be moved 1 meter in any direction.

No1    AC Switchboard – Supply’s circuits to;
1   X   Air Conditioner
1   X   Fridge circuit, 3 fridges
1   X   Coffee grinder (3) & blender circuit
1   X   Multi Media Circuit
1   X   Battery Charger circuit, c/w 12v 15A Victron charger
1   X   Spare circuit

No2   AC Switchboard – Supply’s circuit to;
1   X   Coffee Machine “A”

No3   AC Switchboard – Supply’s circuit to;
1   X   Coffee Machine “B”

DC Switchboard – Supply’s circuits to;
1   X    Fresh Water Pump
1   X   LED lights, servery hatch door
1   X   Exhaust fan circuit, 2 fans

Supply, Install & Commission Cummins Onan 5KW Diesel Generator