Environmental Policy

Cullys regards protection of the environment as an integral part of its operations.  We are committed to the responsible management of our activities to ensure that any potential environmental effects are avoided, minimised or managed and their impact is at a level acceptable to the community.

The objective of Cullys Environmental Policy is the provide the apppropriate guidelines that enable us to:

  • Strive for environmental best practice where possible aiming to achieve a level of environmental performance that goes beyond that required for regulatory compliance;
  • Apply work procedures and systems that strive to conserve resources and promote sustainable development;
  • Develop environmental management plans or similar action plans prior to implementation of any activity that has the potential to impact the environment;
  • Ensure our employees are aware of their responsibilities relating to environmental issues and are conscious of relevant community standards;
  • Encourage and equip our employees to identify and act upon opportunities that lessen the environmental impact of our operations and
  • Continually seek to improve the way we conduct our operations with a strong emphasis on improving our environmental management procedures.The underlying principle of Cullys Environmental Policy is that we will continually foster a culture whereby environmental management is part of our everyday focus as we recognise our obligations to the present and succeeding generations.