Cullys offers a diverse range of value added services.

Cullys recognises the value of local involved management, and the importance of a positive work environment.  We encourage empowerment and teamwork, and we are dedicated to continually improving the skills of our workforce.  Cullys has the necessary resource capacity to meet our clients needs effectively and efficiently, yet we remain agile and provide the personal, responsive attention we believe our customers deserve.

Cullys national presence ensures efficient and effective support is provided through our strategic alliance partners.

As principal contractor, Cullys offer “turnkey” solutions and provides its clients with a single point of contact for all communication and management responsibilities.

Cullys Management Systems are implemented to manage all aspects of our business.  The management systems provide a framework by which the performance of the customer business activities; the Health/Safety & Environmental and Quality management activities can be monitored, controlled and continuously improved.

Cullys is committed to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of all personnel within its workplace and ensuring a high standard of environmental performance from management, employees and contractors.  Cully’s management team accepts responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy and will provide systems, education, supervision and support to ensure a safe working environment.

Our flexibility allows Cullys to be able to deliver exceptional results across a complex and varied customer base.  We provide a full range of consulting, electrical, mechanical, structural and process solutions that are applied to new projects, upgrades, expansions, renewals and operations and life cycle support phases.

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Business Hours:
Monday to Friday

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20 Egmont Road, Henderson
Western Australia 6166
+618 9410 5000

Certified Experts:

ACN 060 708 590
ABN 30 060 708 590
ECN 000570
EEHA 51160
Construction Occupation License No. 20 071 034