Electrical Supply to Floating Dock

January 12, 2017 Candice Tibbs

a. RAMP DB Sub Mains – Installation of 95mm2 4C&Ecc Orange Circular
The installation of 3 phase power to the barge from the existing jetty power, including: – Installation of 1 circuit breaker at the jetty Switchboard – Installation of 1 x 110m 3 phase 95mm cable in a suitable conduit from the jetty to the start of the barge ramp, dug into the ground at 600mm deep. 1 x 50mm water pipe will be run in the same trench.

b. RAMP DB – Modify stainless steel box to become Ramp DB
– Stainless steel 600×600 junction box at the start of the barge ramp – Installation of a power meter in junction box, a standard 3 phase meter with panel and fuses, CT’s and links not included.

c. Flexible Cable between Ramp DB & Barge DB1
– Running of approximately 35m single core cable rated to 150amps from junction box up barge ramp to first power distribution location

d. Barge DB1 Shore End – Modify stainless steel cabinet-Fit Power meter & 63Amp outlet
– Installation of equipment to the first power distribution box (with power meter, 1 x 65 amp 3 phase socket and 2 x 15 amp single phase sockets supplied but not installed)

e. Barge DB2 Sea End – Modify AME SS cabinet-Fit Power meter & 63Amp outlet – Connection of power distribution box to existing barge power 35mm sq leads running to aft of barge – Installation of equipment to second power distribution box (S/S 600x 600 box) at the aft of the barge on wind wall, supplied but requiring installation of power meter, 1 x 65 amp 3 phase socket and 2 x 15 amp single phase sockets
f. Wire – Mount and Terminate 2 Off LED Flood Lts c/w daylight sensor – Installation of 2 x LED lights on Barge wind wall, with daylight sensor
g. Existing cables on Barge proposed to be used for Sub Main to DB 2

All work will be completed to AS/NZS 3000:2007 compliance and current industry standards taking into account the environmental aspects of the site.


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