Nordiko Gas Evac

November 10, 2015 Tom Cull

Nordiko Quarantine Systems Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asiaworid Shipping Services Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned company.

Nordiko’s concept evolved as a response to a number of different industry needs. These individual requirements, when viewed collectively, led to the development of the revolutionary Nordiko method of fumigation, a development we believe will have a dramatic impact on future fumigation processes both in Australia and overseas.

Nordiko offers a method of fumigating cargo that addresses some critical difficulties that have been faced, but not adequately resolved by the shipping industry for decades. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Providing a more effective fumigation of goods in terms of coverage by the fumigant.
  • Providing a safer working environment for the fumigator, other people in the workplace and the community at large.
  • Providing a method of fumigation that dramatically reduces the ozone depleting effects of methyl bromide to our atmosphere.

The other side of the fumigation problem is residue gas left in import containers after fumigation overseas. One of the main features of the Nordiko fumigation unit is its fast evacuation of gases post fumigation. With that in mind Nordiko modified the design to produce a unit to evacuate residual gas from containers quickly and safely. The Nordiko Gas Evacuation Unit was born.

The Nordiko Gas Evacuation Unit

The Nordiko Gas Evacuation Unit is speciiically designed to evacuate residual gases from imported containers. It is designed to fit onto the right-hand container door opening, by affixing twist-locks to the top and bottom right-hand corner castings and swing levers to the left-hand door locking rods. To ensure a gas-tight fit, the unit is equipped with an expanding seal, operated by a wheel on the side of the unit.

This unit is self-contained, with its own exhaust fan to evacuate the residual gas from inside the container.

If required, recapture filters can be fitted to trap the gases as they are evacuated, thereby ensuring that no gases escape into the atmosphere. All fumigant gases can be captured in this way regardless of type. Unless filters are required, the gas will be exhausted to atmosphere by means of a flexible hose that is placed across the roof of the container, directing the gases into the atmosphere outside the building. These hoses can also be plumbed into exhaust fans in the roof of a building if preferred.


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