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Where overboard discharge of a waste holding tank is permitted, SeaLand DTD controls offer many options to match preferred methods of tank discharge operation. A key-operated switch allows the user to activate the discharge pump, or set the DTD panel for semi- or fully- automatic operation, depending on the DTD model. All panels include a green light that indicates when the discharge pump is running. DTD controls can be used with a discharge pump operating on the same voltage and a maximum circuit rating of 20 amps
Key Benefits – DTD01, DTD02
  • Manually activates pump to discharge holding tank contents directly overboard in unrestricted waters
  • Green light indicates when discharge pump is running; reminds operator to shut off pump to prevent burn-out
  • Keyed switch provides U.S. Coast Guard-approved security when key is removed; no padlocks or other mechanical fasteners are required
  • When integrated with DTM04 tank monitor system, discharge pump automatically shuts off when tank is empty
  • DTD02 panel provides warning indicator and prevents discharge pump operation if seacock is closed; prevents pump or boat damage



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Discharge Pump Control and Seacock Warning Panel 12V Black – 313814201
Discharge Pump Control and Seacock Warning Panel 24V Black – 313814203
Discharge Pump Control and Seacock Warning Panel 12V White – 313814202
Discharge Pump Control and Seacock Warning Panel 24V White – 313814204


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