E-Plex 416TPS Touch Panel Switch Module


Resistive touch panel, with LED’s for status indication and an audible alarm for switch input verification or alert conditions

The E-Plex 416TPS series has a resistive touch panel, with LED’s for status indication. The touch panel display also includes an audible alarm for switch input verification or alert conditions.

Customizable artwork is available for button identification. The display’s electroluminescent (EL) backlight allows the entire touch screen to be illuminated uniformly, making them easy to view in various lighting
conditions. The backlight can also be operated in a screen saver mode which will blank it when not in use to extend the life of the EL panel. In addition, the audible alarm can be muted for nighttime operation.

Key Features

  • 10 Green LED’s for status indications.
  • Up to 10 user-defined touch regions.
  • Piezo buzzer for alert notification.
  • Electroluminescent backlight for night-time display.
  • 3” diagonal resistive touch panel.
  • Custom artwork overlays with a variety of plastic bezel finishes for interior aesthetics.
  • LEN value 6.

Design Specifications

  • Impact resistance: 9g steel ball dropped from 30cm.
  • Vibration: 1G, 10 – 500Hz for 1 hour, each direction.
  • Moisture resistance: IP50.
  • PCB characteristics: UL94V-0.



Cullys offers comprehensive sales, service support and solutions. E-Plex brings you all three and allows you to deliver exceptional power and monitoring to your customers.

E-Plex systems offer you a unique multiplexing technology that allows you to have screens designed to reflect your brand, individual system and customer requirements. The modular system allows you to power and monitor a range of elements from simple lighting systems to complete electrical systems including generators, batteries, media and more. Widely used across marine and vehicle applications, E-Plex also can be used in a range of commercial applications. Power and data is transported over a simple two-wire bus and that offers scalable and flexible solutions at competitive costs. In competitive market places where the emphasis is on leading edge technology, luxury and longevity E-Plex is a valuable asset.


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