E-Plex 428RSP LED Rocker Switch Panel


Programmable, multi-color LED, rocker switch panel

The E-Plex 428RSP series; a programmable, multi-color LED, rocker switch panel designed to operate within an E-Plex system. This innovative new product incorporates independently controlled LED’s, allowing custom-configured color selection on a per LED basis. Via E-Plex software, each LED is capable of being configured to produce up to 64 unique colors without the need for special ordering or assembly.

The 428RSP utilizes optical interrupters to create a switch output, which means there are no electrical contacts within the switch. The 428RSP provides interchangeable cams, including 1 & 2 position momentary,
2 & 3 position stationary and 2 position momentary / 1 position stationary switches. These cams are designed on a simple snap-in platform that allows for easy and inexpensive assemblies and modifications. In addition, switch banks greater than eight positions can be combined by dovetailing multiple units together.

Key Features

  • LED color configuration, choose from a 64-color palette via E-Logic.
  • Each LED can be configured with up to four unique system-status colors.
  • Interchangeable cams to create different switch modes.
  • Laser-etched actuators (customer-specified legends).
  • Rocker switch uses optical interrupters (no contacts).
  • Panel assembly is weather resistant and the board is conformal coated. External use requires additional physical protection to suit application.
  • LEN value 17 to 25.

Design Specifications

  • Shock: Mil Std 202 Method 213 test condition 1.
  • Vibration: Tested to Lloyds Registered approval vibration test 2.
  • Ingress Protection: IP40.
  • PCB characteristics: UL94V-0.
  • UVB certification: UVB 400 hours.



Cullys offers comprehensive sales, service support and solutions. E-Plex brings you all three and allows you to deliver exceptional power and monitoring to your customers.

E-Plex systems offer you a unique multiplexing technology that allows you to have screens designed to reflect your brand, individual system and customer requirements. The modular system allows you to power and monitor a range of elements from simple lighting systems to complete electrical systems including generators, batteries, media and more. Widely used across marine and vehicle applications, E-Plex also can be used in a range of commercial applications. Power and data is transported over a simple two-wire bus and that offers scalable and flexible solutions at competitive costs. In competitive market places where the emphasis is on leading edge technology, luxury and longevity E-Plex is a valuable asset.


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