E-Plex 801IPLEX iOS interface


The 801iPlex provides connectivity between an E-Plex system and iOS devices (Apple iPhone and iPad) via Wi-Fi

The 801iPlex provides connectivity between an E-Plex system and iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) via Wi-Fi. It allows bi-directional control and monitoring of an E-Plex system, to deliver a polished user  interface through a familiar device.

Graphical designs are created through CommandFusion; a powerful, free to download software package that blends graphical layout, scripting, and macros. CommandFusion can also be used to control third-party systems. For example you could seamlessly control lighting via E-Plex, and an audio system via a third-party infra-red interface from within the same touchscreen design.

Key Features

  • Allows powerful control and monitoring of an E-Plex
    system from iOS devices.
  • Supports both local and remote control.
  • Can communicate with iOS devices directly (ad-hoc), or via an existing access point (infrastructure).
  • Can connect to the local network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
  • Integration of 3rd party systems.
  • Integrated EP3 simple connector system.
  • High quality royalty free graphical themes included with E-Logic.
  • Sample GUI layouts and E-Logic designs included with E-Logic.
  • JavaScript libraries for automating common tasks included with E-Logic.



Cullys offers comprehensive sales, service support and solutions. E-Plex brings you all three and allows you to deliver exceptional power and monitoring to your customers.

E-Plex systems offer you a unique multiplexing technology that allows you to have screens designed to reflect your brand, individual system and customer requirements. The modular system allows you to power and monitor a range of elements from simple lighting systems to complete electrical systems including generators, batteries, media and more. Widely used across marine and vehicle applications, E-Plex also can be used in a range of commercial applications. Power and data is transported over a simple two-wire bus and that offers scalable and flexible solutions at competitive costs. In competitive market places where the emphasis is on leading edge technology, luxury and longevity E-Plex is a valuable asset.


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