Twister Throttle



  • Class 1’s Twister is an electronic vernier style throttle for controlling the speed of:
    – SAE J1939 CAN compliant engines
    – Analogue (DC voltage) controlled engines.
  • Power-on state is always idle.
  • Interlocked for safety.
  • Clockwise or counter-clockwise operation.
  • Ergonomic control with superior tactile feedback.
  • Large and easily accessible idle button
  • Bright LED indicators: “Throttle Ready” for interlock, and “Active” for active engine control.
  • Environmentally sealed – IP67.


  • Voltage:9-32V
  • Current Draw:240mA @ 13.8V
    163mA @ 27.6V
  • Output:Analogue 0-5V
  • CAN:SAE J1939
  • Material:Die-cast Alloy
  • IP Rating:IP67
  • Approvals:SAE J1455
    ISO 4892-2
  • Operating Temp:-40°C to 85°C


Class 1

Emergency Services

Fire Appliances

For decades Class 1 Systems have been the backbone of the fire appliance and allied emergency services vehicle industry. Adoption of Class 1 Multiplexing has simplified and reduced the hardward components required for the electrical system and have also increased the range of possibilities of what can be controlled.

Mining Equipment

Drilling Rigs

The mining industry demands reliability and serviceability to ensure equipment operates to capacity in harsh conditions. Operator safety is paramount, and Class 1's ability to easily create complex safety interlocking makes this task possible. Using next generation technology, Class 1 are at the forefront of industry performance in difficult environments.

Heavy Industry

Mining Service Trucks

Solid state technology ensures that there are no wearing electrical components in the Class 1 System. Increased performance, added flexibility, reduced development time and lower costs over the life of the vehicle are just some of the Class 1 benefits.

Transport Services

Commuter Buses

Class 1 provides a weath of control and display flexibility giving the operator feedback at a glance. By providing flexible uniform multiplex solutions and shorter prototype development, an improved overall build process schedule is achievable.  


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