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VacuFlush Flush Switch Standard

For electronic-flush VacuFlush toilet models, our wall-mounted flush switches offer streamlined styling while delivering user-friendly push-button operation. The VFS model includes a standard Dometic frame, yet it also can be fitted with a Vimar Idea, Vimar Eikon, or Gewiss Chorus frame to complement a boat’s existing electronic switch design.

All flush switch panels include 10 ft./3 m electrical cable that connects to flush switch and all-ceramic VacuFlush toilet circuit board.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with Vimar Idea, Vimar Eikon, or Gewiss Chorus frames
  • Includes standard Dometic frame
  • Complete add water/flush control at the touch of a button
  • Integrated vacuum status/power lights indicate when toilet is ready to flush
  • Backlit buttons offer easy location for user, even in dark
  • Service mode allows cleaning or other service without running water
  • Fast installation with ethernet cable (RJ45 connectors)
  • CE approved
  • 12 V DC or 24 V DC operation



Cullys provides high level support and products for the most advanced toilet system that matches perfectly with your Recreational Vehicle (RV), and boats (Marine industries). The Sealand range of toilet technologies offers a complete, premium-quality selection from one convenient source. Check out our entire range of Sealand Sanitation products for Marine and RV use. Our range of marine toilet technologies include VacuFlush (vacuum), Masterflush (macerating) and gravity discharge.


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