Club Marine Perth Boat Show 2021

Can you believe summer is just around the corner?
Now is the time to book in your upcoming generator service and operational / safety checks.
Worldwide supply chains are disrupted and under pressure.  As the exclusive WA representative for Cummins Onan generators, we have secured a slow but steady supply of genuine service parts. To ensure your boat is ready for your next summer adventure, we recommend you book in early for your servicing requirements to avoid any long delays. We have our team of experienced technicians and electricians ready to help with any other issues you may be experiencing on your vessel.
Take advantage of our current sale, quote “Perth Boat Show” to receive a 10% discount on your next service, this is for a limited time only!
You can contact our servicing department by emailing or calling us on 08 9410 5000, line 2 to book in your next service. 

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September 2021

Elizabeth Quay and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre​

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Tank Gauging Made Easy with New DTGS

Digital Tank Gauging System for Small Vessels & Ships

Our new DTGS (Digital Tank Gauging System) is a fully integrated package of instrumentation providing a comprehensive, simple to install, and scalable tank gauging solution for small vessels of all classes.

The central VPM display communicates to all connected APT1000 level transmitters to obtain accurate real-time data and processes this to provide a comprehensive display of the status of all tanks.  Multiple displays can be added, and the status information can be serially communicated to other onboard systems, loading computers or alarm monitoring systems.

Our DTGS (Digital Tank Gauging System) is a fully integrated tank gauging system, consisting of:

– APT1000 Level Transmitters

– RFM Connection Modules

– VPM 4300 Display Panel

And comes with a whole host of benefits, including:

– Delivered preconfigured and ready for use

– Real-time display with option for data logging

– All data continually backed up to internal secondary memory

– Low cost of installation with minimal cabling

You can view all the key features and benefits in our new DTGS Brochure.  We are confident that remote tank monitoring has never been easier! The DTGS system has already been installed successfully on a range of vessels around the world, including Tug boats, Superyachts, small Naval ships and many more

New ONAMAX SAE 15W-40 Oil Available

Available in 1L, 5L or 20L containers

OnaMax SAE 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil is formlated specially for Cummins Onan Marine, RV and Commercial Mobile generators. OnaMax SAE 15W-40 is formulated with high quality base oils and modern additive technologies.

Contact our office for further information

Complete Tank Instrumentation for Large Spanish FPSO Vessel

Complete Tank Instrumentation for Large Spanish FPSO Vessel

Working closely with our Spanish Agents, Aries Industrial Y Naval Servicios, we have recently delivered a complete instrumentation package for the vessel ‘Blue Eagle’, a newbuild Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) which is under construction in Spain.

The completed vessel will measure 106 metres long, 25 metres wide and 12 metres deep, and have a capacity of 7,300 cubic metres of crude oil and be capable of treating 20,000 barrels per day.

As part of Scanjet, we are able to offer a full range of intelligent maritime tank instrumentation and so for the cargo tanks we supplied Scanrad level transmitters, Multi-point averaging temperature transmitters, Inert gas pressure transmitters and High/Overfill alarm switches.

Scanjet also delivered PSM APT1000 Series transmitters for all ballast and service tanks.  Zener Safety barrier panels were included for all instrument signals.

Representatives from Scanjet PSM will be onboard the vessel to commission the instrumentation, with the delivery of the completed vessel scheduled for 2021.
If you would like to find out more about out Scanrad level transmitters, APT1000 sensors or any aspects of the Scanjet range of marine approved instrumentation, then please send us an email or call 08 9410 5000

COVID-19 Update – 26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE – 26th Mar 2020

To Our Valued Customers,

While it’s business as usual for us at Cullys, our office staff are now operating from home. It’s safe to say some of our family members are happy to be helping out too!

We are currently in the process of diverting our phone lines. If you have any trouble reaching us while this is being set up, we can be contacted on 0433 666 206.

Stay safe everyone.

The Cullys Team.

Cullys Update on Coronavirus

To our valued customers,

The coronavirus threat is certainly a serious and concerning issue and one that needs to be met with a level of urgency and diligence to ensure its spread is limited and brought under control.

The team at Cullys has given careful consideration to the risks and at this stage, we are maintaining a “business-as-usual” approach.

Cullys has implemented a number of measures to ensure the ongoing safety of staff, customers and members of the community. This includes:

  • Providing staff with easy access to soap and hand sanitizer for regular washing in accordance with health authority guidelines
  • Paying extra attention and providing ready access to products to ensure cleanliness of work areas
  • Imposing a company-wide mandate that anyone who develops any cold or flu-like symptoms will immediately commence a period of quarantine away from the business, seek medical advice and work with us to ensure any customers known to have been in close contact are advised
  • Maintaining close attention and adherence to any new developments and recommendations made by health authorities

We also ask that any customers concerned about potential exposure to please stay away from our Henderson showroom and workshop and instead contact us by phone or email. Two members of our office staff fall into the vulnerable category, therefore extra precaution needs to be provided to keep our staff safe.

Likewise, if you have been to our premises and subsequently develop symptoms or become aware of any risk of potential exposure, we ask that you contact one of our management team to inform us so we are able to take any necessary action. 

The business remains open as per advertised business hours and welcomes customers as always. However, please bear in mind, Cullys also offer several delivery services and are more than happy to discuss your needs by phone or respond to your emails. 

Our inventory levels remain good and to date, we have not been advised by suppliers that there is any supply issues. That said, things may change so for convenience we recommend that you call ahead before visiting us to ensure we have your required items in stock.

Finally, we wish you, your staff and families ongoing good health and look forward to working with you and to seeing a speedy and effective return to normality.

Cummins Power Generation turns 100

This year, Cummins celebrates 100 years in Power Generation. It all started with the incorporation of Onan Corporation in 1920 – a family owned business founded by David W. Onan.

“The Onan story has so many parallels with Cummins. It started with one business idea and one visionary entrepreneur. What D. W. Onan started as a small business in Minnesota thrived for 100 years and became a global industry leader,” stated Alex Savelli, Executive Director of Cummins Power Generation.

Like Clessie Cummins, D. W. Onan was an innovator and a technical genius. After working for ten years at an automobile repair shop, D. W. Onan decided to test his abilities and entrepreneurial spirit by opening the Onan Corporation in 1920. At the time, Julius P. Dyke was his only full-time employee. Today, Cummins Power generation products are designed across four technical centers and produced at six different plants around the globe. In total, there are more than 5,000 employees working in Power Generation for Cummins with a global network of over 190 locations and territories.

Cummins has experienced many significant milestones over the past 100 years on its journey to becoming a global leader in the Power Generation business. “The full acquisitions of Onan Corporation in 1992 and Power Group International (PGI or ‘Petbow’) in 1994 were significant inflection points for Cummins in the Power Generation business. We moved from being a G-drive supplier of engines to become a global OEM of power generation equipment. Integrating Onan and Petbow added a big new dimension to ‘The Power of Cummins,’” stated Gino Butera, Vice President of Cummins Power Generation.

Today, Cummins combines market expertise with leading engineering and manufacturing technology to provide the world with fail-safe solutions for an exceptionally wide range of use-cases. From the world’s richest iron ore mine near the polar circle, to remote locations in the Brazilian jungle, to US military camps, to hyperscale data centers, and to RVs in the wilderness far from civilization, Cummins dependably meets the power needs of customers no matter where they are or where they need to go.

The legacy of D. W Onan is still present. He was not only a mechanical enthusiast but also a humanitarian. Today, Caring is a corporate value that has been carried consistently for over one-hundred years. As J. Irwin Miller reiterated, “Customers don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This sentiment is still visible around the organization. “We have to be passionate about what we do, why we’ve done it for the last one-hundred years and why we will continue to do it on our way to the next one-hundred years. This approach applies to our customers, our employees and the communities where we operate,” said Doug Sunkel, Fridley Plant Manager. Doug also stated, “We are working every day to turn the Fridley plant into a world-class Cummins manufacturing facility and to create the space and capability to take on new business. As we continue to increase our market share and performance in some of our existing products, we are also preparing for the next wave of technology.”

The world has changed significantly since Onan Corporation opened for business in 1920. In the modern world, how power is produced and consumed changes daily. Significant trends such as decentralization of utilities, renewable fuels such hydrogen and new digital requirements will shape our ability to respond and innovate. Cummins Power Generation celebrates its beginnings and its commitment to the next generation of power. Please join Cummins in commemorating the first 100 years in Power Generation and looking ahead to the next 100 years.

Photo 1: Onan founder David W. Onan with his sons

Ausmarine 2019 Best Generator Supplier awarded to Cummins Onan

Ausmarine is a South Pacific online publication focusing on the commercial marine sector in Australia and New Zealand and annually they have awards for Best Builders, Designers and Suppliers. The judging criteria is based on multiple factors such as: market success and annual new commercial boat builds (EG: which suppliers had greatest market share), quality of product and degree of service and after sales support and also customer feedback.

Cummins Onan South Pacific has retained its title from 2016 and 2017 and been awarded BEST GENERATOR SUPPLIER 2019. (Note: This category was not available in 2018)

“I often get asked, ‘why do Cummins Onan marine generators remain the preferred brand in the marine industry?’ And it comes down to several factors,” Randall Atkinson, Business Development Manager, South Pacific, told Ausmarine.

“Firstly, Onan has been consistent over time manufacturing a quality product, that’s extremely quiet and mechanics love working on them with there simple single side servicing. When Onan became part of Cummins in 1986, the strength of the two brands gave customers even further piece of mind. This year Onan celebrates 100 years since DW (David) Onan founded the Onan Company.

“And secondly, Cummins global after service support network is critical. There is no point if you have a quality product but it is not supported well post sale, not only within the South Pacific, but across the world given a lot of boats are transient.”

In recent years, Cummins Onan’s main focus on generator advancement has been to ensure they meet or exceed global emission standards. In 2019, the 40kW and above MDD series of generator models, which are powered by the John Deere family of engines, got spec advanced to ensure all 60hz models (40kW to 65kW) meet EPA marine Tier III emission regulations.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From all the staff at Cullys, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for your ongoing support during 2019.

Wishing you all a safe and happy festive season. As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here is to wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.

Operating Hours:

Closed from 12:30pm, Friday 20th December 2019

Return to normal trade on Monday 6th January 2020

Perth International Boat Show 2019

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Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September 2019


Elizabeth Quay and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre​

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