Club Marine Perth Boat Show 2021

Can you believe summer is just around the corner?
Now is the time to book in your upcoming generator service and operational / safety checks.
Worldwide supply chains are disrupted and under pressure.  As the exclusive WA representative for Cummins Onan generators, we have secured a slow but steady supply of genuine service parts. To ensure your boat is ready for your next summer adventure, we recommend you book in early for your servicing requirements to avoid any long delays. We have our team of experienced technicians and electricians ready to help with any other issues you may be experiencing on your vessel.
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You can contact our servicing department by emailing or calling us on 08 9410 5000, line 2 to book in your next service. 

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September 2021

Elizabeth Quay and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre​

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Cummins Power Generation turns 100

This year, Cummins celebrates 100 years in Power Generation. It all started with the incorporation of Onan Corporation in 1920 – a family owned business founded by David W. Onan.

“The Onan story has so many parallels with Cummins. It started with one business idea and one visionary entrepreneur. What D. W. Onan started as a small business in Minnesota thrived for 100 years and became a global industry leader,” stated Alex Savelli, Executive Director of Cummins Power Generation.

Like Clessie Cummins, D. W. Onan was an innovator and a technical genius. After working for ten years at an automobile repair shop, D. W. Onan decided to test his abilities and entrepreneurial spirit by opening the Onan Corporation in 1920. At the time, Julius P. Dyke was his only full-time employee. Today, Cummins Power generation products are designed across four technical centers and produced at six different plants around the globe. In total, there are more than 5,000 employees working in Power Generation for Cummins with a global network of over 190 locations and territories.

Cummins has experienced many significant milestones over the past 100 years on its journey to becoming a global leader in the Power Generation business. “The full acquisitions of Onan Corporation in 1992 and Power Group International (PGI or ‘Petbow’) in 1994 were significant inflection points for Cummins in the Power Generation business. We moved from being a G-drive supplier of engines to become a global OEM of power generation equipment. Integrating Onan and Petbow added a big new dimension to ‘The Power of Cummins,’” stated Gino Butera, Vice President of Cummins Power Generation.

Today, Cummins combines market expertise with leading engineering and manufacturing technology to provide the world with fail-safe solutions for an exceptionally wide range of use-cases. From the world’s richest iron ore mine near the polar circle, to remote locations in the Brazilian jungle, to US military camps, to hyperscale data centers, and to RVs in the wilderness far from civilization, Cummins dependably meets the power needs of customers no matter where they are or where they need to go.

The legacy of D. W Onan is still present. He was not only a mechanical enthusiast but also a humanitarian. Today, Caring is a corporate value that has been carried consistently for over one-hundred years. As J. Irwin Miller reiterated, “Customers don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This sentiment is still visible around the organization. “We have to be passionate about what we do, why we’ve done it for the last one-hundred years and why we will continue to do it on our way to the next one-hundred years. This approach applies to our customers, our employees and the communities where we operate,” said Doug Sunkel, Fridley Plant Manager. Doug also stated, “We are working every day to turn the Fridley plant into a world-class Cummins manufacturing facility and to create the space and capability to take on new business. As we continue to increase our market share and performance in some of our existing products, we are also preparing for the next wave of technology.”

The world has changed significantly since Onan Corporation opened for business in 1920. In the modern world, how power is produced and consumed changes daily. Significant trends such as decentralization of utilities, renewable fuels such hydrogen and new digital requirements will shape our ability to respond and innovate. Cummins Power Generation celebrates its beginnings and its commitment to the next generation of power. Please join Cummins in commemorating the first 100 years in Power Generation and looking ahead to the next 100 years.

Photo 1: Onan founder David W. Onan with his sons

Perth International Boat Show 2019

Stay tuned….!!!

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Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September 2019


Elizabeth Quay and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre​

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Tips & Procedures for day-to-day operation of your Cummins Onan Marine Generator

Here are some good general tips. You’ll find other helpful information in your Operator’s Manual which can be supplied by Cullys (just contact our office!)

  • Inspect and clear sea water strainers of debris, do not wait under they clog. Lack of inspection could result in seawater pump impeller damage
  • Inspect area around generator set to be sure nothing has moved or been knocked loose (rags, cleaning equipment, tools, spare parts, etc.) while underway, that could block air inlet or outlet or damage wires or hoses
  • Inspect generator est for fluid levels, leaks, and required service intervals based on operation hours and perform any identified maintenance as necessary

Did you know?

Cullys can provide scheduled maintenance reminders for your generators, so you never miss a service! Contact our service department to find out how!

SLCE Watermakers / Newsletter

Cruise Project

SLCE watermakers has just completed the 2nd sea trials of the first ship from the EDGE series, manufactured at Chantiers de l’Atlantique and designed for the shipowner Celebrity Cruises. Two units, each producing, 1 100 tpd of water with a salinity of less than 50 ppm are installed. These units from the XLE range benefit from an energy recovery system.

Mining Project

SLCE watermakers, through its representative in Chile ARSEPUR, received an order from BECHTEL, the engineering company in charge of Quebrada Blanca II project for TECK. SLCE watermakers will deliver, early 2019, two 40-footer producing each 1 160 tpd of freshwater. A third one will be delivered late 2019. The designed is based on the very heavy-duty range GBW60. The installation will operate at 4380 m above mean sea level in harsh environment.

Navy Project

NAVAL GROUP renewed its confidence in SLCE watermakers by entrusting the design and supply of the reverse-osmsosis watermakers for the future frigates FTI. Each unit, based on the SD22 design, will produce 32 m3/24h of freshwater. SLCE watermakers will also supply the hydrophores and the post-treatment subsets including post chlorination and hardness adjustment of the produced water.

Hotel in Saint Barthelemy

Following the hurricane IRMA that ravaged the island of Saint Barthelemy last year, the reverse-osmosis unit of the hotel “Le Barthélémy” was out of order and irreparable. Located in the basement, the installation of a new skid-mounted unit was impossible. SLCE watermakers has therefore delivered a unit in modules to be assembled on the spot on the old chassis. Since mid-June, the hotel has a new SH31-806 unit producing 90 m3/24h of freshwater.

Bahamas Island

BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION recently ordered a container including an ultrafiltration pre-treatment followed by a reverse-osmosis process, producing 500 tpd of freshwater. The equipment will benefit from an energy recovery system. The unit will be located on the Exclusive Bahamian Marine Reserve Island dedicated to MSC Caribbean cruise guests. After producing the water during the construction phase, the unit will produce the freshwater to the guests.

Praxis Automation Technology – Automation and Navigation Systems

Leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality solutions for the commercial, navy and yacht building industries.

Automation and navigation systems, including Vessel Management, Dynamic Positioning, Power Management and Propulsion Control Systems, Green Propulsion and Green Ship Technology.

Cullys technicians have successfully completed Praxis Automation MEGA-GUARD training course and proudly support the Praxis Automation products in Australia.

Sustainability is Praxis Automation core value, reducing installation, maintenance work and costs.

ZF Marine Electronic Controls Training – 11 to 14 Sept 2018

During the past week, Cullys technicians have attending the ZF Head Office in Sydney to participate in the ZF Marine Electronic Controls Training.

This training covered:

  • The different control system models,
  • Description of the system’s main components,
  • How the system’s main components function,
  • Application considerations of the different systems,
  • Installation requirements,
  • Troubleshooting / fault finding.


Club Marine Perth International Boat Show


Only 10 weeks until the Club Marine Perth International Boat Show​! Cullys will be showcasing a stable of top Quality Marine Products which will include Cummins Onan​ Generators, ZF Gearbox’s & Engine Controls, Victron Energy B.V.​ Products, SLCE Watermakers​, and Dometic​ – Sealand marine toilets.

Show commences on Friday 21st September though to Monday 24th September.