Cummins Onan 17.5HDKBR COHO Generator

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Generator Model Frequency Rating Phase Amps Voltage
17.5HDKBR 50 17.5 1 76.1 230
17.5HDKBR 50 17.5 3 30.4 240/416
  • Computer controlled constant speed operation
  • Unique sound controlled housing and sound shields minimize noise and deliver better sound quality
  • Four-point semi focalized internal mounting system greatly reduces vibration
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting
  • Generator operates with remove cooling package
  • Optional Cummins Onan digital display provides user-friendly diagnostics including extensive engine and alternator information, self-diagnostic features and text display
  • Service and maintenance points accessible through easy latch side service door
  • Control panel mounted switches
  • Automatic glow plug eliminates preheat time uncertainty
  • Products supported by worldwide certified distributor/dealer support network



Cummins Onan

Cummins Power Generation provides dependable solutions for all your power needs in business, since 1920. Its compressive line of products can be found in recreational vehicles, marine applications, commercial mobile vehicles, residential standby and portable applications. In addition to a strong foundation of quality, Cummins is also committed to providing products that minimise their impact on the environment


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