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GreenInverter covers applications for electric motor and generator drive and includes battery charging with GreenPower generator sets or with shore power. In addition, a GreenInverter AC is available for AC grid generation to support hotel load. GreenInverter is available in power ranges from
100kW to 2.2MW. GreenInverter is connected to the DC Bus with a nominal voltage of 832VDC. A DC Bus contactor and other safety devices are built into each GreenInverter.

Green Inverter high Power Inverter

GreenInverter covers applications for electric motor and generator drive and includes battery charging with GreenPower generator sets or shore power as well. GreenInverter is built-up in a modular way, supporting applications from 100kW to 2.2MW. GreenInverter is a four quadrant controller with active front end technology. Motor operation changes into generator operation as soon as a motor is driven by propeller (brake energy) or combustion engine (parallel hybrid). The generated energy is used for GreenBattery charging. GreenInverter includes independent safety systems such as Safe Torque Off on AC side and DC Bus contactor on DC side. The contactor also supports pre-charging and discharging in order to safely connect and disconnect GreenInverter from DC Bus. GreenInverter is optimized for DC Bus voltages in between 650VDC and 975VDC and a nominal current up to 450A. This results in a rated power range from 350kW to 500kW. Multiple GreenInverters can be paralleled to increase the power up to 2.2MW. GreenInverter is IP67 protected and can
be bulkhead mounted.

GreenInverter is designed to be installed close to the device to be controlled for distributed DC Bus applications. However, centralized installation of GreenInverter is supported as well.  GreenInverter is built-up with two controllers: a dedicated Digital Signal Processor for four quadrant motor and generator control functions and a Control Processor with four Ethernet ports for programming PLC functions in accordance with IEC61131 standard. GreenInverter is equipped with a local operator panel consisting of a 5″TFT touch display and an emergency stop switch. Most relevant parameters such as power, current and voltage are continuously displayed on the 5″TFT.

GreenInverter is also available for following:

  • DC/DC conversion
  • AC grid generation
  • GreenInverter DC/DC
  • GreenInverter AC

These GreenInverters are based upon the standard GreenInverter and extended with magnetics. In addition, a low power GreenInverter LP is available for e.g. steering motor and bow thruster.




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