MicroCommand and ClearCommand

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MicroCommand and ClearCommand are robust controls that have been long established as industry standards in electronic controls technology. These two products are suited to all applications utilizing mechanical engines and gears with any combination of electronic throttle or shift. MicroCommand and ClearCommand have been tested to requirements set by survey societies such as ABS and DNV, and meet ABYC standards for performance and functional testing. Both products carry the CE mark and are certified for sale in Europe.

Utilizing the proven ClearCommand platform, Premium ClearCommand was developed specifically for unique applications in multi-engine commercial, and very large pleasure craft vessel applications. Premium ClearCommand is designed to interface with many commercially available DP systems and meets the stringent standards of most classification societies. In addition to all of the standard features of ZF Marine control systems, Premium ClearCommand offers unique features such as:

  • Engine room and remote station lock out
  • Unique transfer functionality and station in command indication as required by ABS
  • Dynamic Positioning and joystick interface
  • Fixed neutral delay for shaft brake sequencing


ZF Marine

ZF is a worldwide leader in marine propulsion systems, supplying systems and components for all types of ships such as motor boats, sail boats, superyachts as well as commercial and government vessels. The product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of transmissions (reversing, non-reversing and hybrid), propellers, POD-drive systems, steering systems and CANbus-compatible, electronic control systems, azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters and sail drives. The portfolio is subject to continuous development and adjustment to market requirements. Complying with safety standards, economic operation and customer comfort is first priority. Market niches require special, individual solutions. For applications and projects with small unit numbers ZF also develops products that can not be served from a large-scale production. Know-how, high flexibility and creativity create the prerequisite for finding the appropriate technical solution for every application. The product range is as comprehensive as the applications.


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