Ship Performance Monitor


The Mega-Guard Ship Performance Monitor measures and displays the actual fuel consumption with the actual power delivered


The Mega-Guard Econometer System (ES) measures and displays the actual fuel consumption with the actual power delivered. In addition, the fuel consumption is totalized and available to be loaded on USB stick. The Econometer System helps to realize IMO legislation SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan). The Econometer System (ES) has the following system features:

  • Continuous Torque, power and speed measurement
  • Calculation of absolute and relative fuel consumption
  • History data recording and display capability
  • History data retrieval via USB- or Ethernet file transfer
  • Optional NMEA or MODBUS interface to external system 8,4″ Operator Panel with Graphic Mode

Value Mode

The TFT screen is displaying a set of data on a mimic. The user can choose out off different datasets displaying power, torque and speed data on the mimic. For multiple engine or shaft configuration, each engine or shaft data may be displayed at the same time or separately.

  • Torque, power and speed Fuel consumption (l/hr, GPH, t/hr)
  • Fuel consumption per NM
  • GPS speed (SOG)
  • Voyage cumulative

This mode also includes controls for trip based logging.

Graph Mode

In graph mode, the TFT screen displays a chart style graph showing the evolution of one user selected data (torque, power, speed, absolute or relative fuel consumption) over time.

Stat Mode

The Stat screen gives access to calculated statistics for the torque, power, speed and fuel consumption data. The system presents the average (AVG), maximum (MAX), and minimum (MIN) values for the last minute, the last hour or the last day.

Configuration screen

The Configuration screen allows the user to view the configuration status, to change the system configuration, to transfer data and to access the sensor calibration mode

System Hardware

24 channel Analog and Digital Input I/O Module

8.4” Colour Graphic TFT with 12 pushbuttons

  • Dimensions: L=240mm, W=160mm, H=51mm
  • 12 configurable pushbuttons
  • NMEA input (RS485)
  • Optional MODBUS or NMEA output (RS485)
  • USB maintenance port
  • Power supply 24Vdc
  • Power consumption: 15W

24 channel Analog and Digital Input I/O Module

  • Dimensions: L=198mm, W=127mm, H=29mm
  • LED alarm indicator and text window for each channel
  • 32 bit ARM CPU
  • 24 analog or digital input channels with software selectable input ranges
  • Galvanic isolation of input to internal logic and to external modules
  • I/O Connector including power supply input
  • Earth fault detection on inputs
  • Out of range , open circuit and short circuit detection on inputs
  • Power consumption: 15W

Torque meter 4~20mA / Flow meter 4~20mA

Shaft Torque Meter

  • Optical measuring principle
  • Extreme accuracy of optical sensor
  • Wireless transmission of data and power

Fuel oil Flow Meter

  • Capacity from 120 to 380 l/min, continous max.
  • Measuring accuracy +/- 0.2%
  • PT100 input for temperature compensation



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