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SmartCommand is the result of fifty years of experience in designing vessel control systems. A powerful control system for today’s electronically controlled engines and ZF transmissions, SmartCommand integrates the latest in CANbus communication technology with a user-friendly multifunction control head for up to six vessel control stations. The compact control head design combines an ergonomic lever shape with a user-friendly touch pad allowing for all system functions to be easily selected using soft-touch push buttons. Visual indicators help to locate the neutral detent position and two color LEDs indicate station in command, and transmission engagement. SmartCommand puts you in complete control with dedicated control modes for all standard ZF Marine control system functions with the addition of Easidock, and AutoTroll.

Easidock ensures positive clutch response resulting in easy and precise maneuverability in confined areas. Easidock provides the ability to modulate clutch engagement and control engine speed to obtain the optimum propeller speed for safe docking. AutoTroll permits a full range of low speed control incorporating a shaftline sensor for closed loop feedback to maintain a specifically demanded propeller rpm. AutoTroll allows for clutch slippage to be controlled while maintaining minimum engine speed. SmartCommand’s CANbus communication perfectly synchronizes engines in all modes without the need for dedicated buttons or switches.


ZF Marine

ZF is a worldwide leader in marine propulsion systems, supplying systems and components for all types of ships such as motor boats, sail boats, superyachts as well as commercial and government vessels. The product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of transmissions (reversing, non-reversing and hybrid), propellers, POD-drive systems, steering systems and CANbus-compatible, electronic control systems, azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters and sail drives. The portfolio is subject to continuous development and adjustment to market requirements. Complying with safety standards, economic operation and customer comfort is first priority. Market niches require special, individual solutions. For applications and projects with small unit numbers ZF also develops products that can not be served from a large-scale production. Know-how, high flexibility and creativity create the prerequisite for finding the appropriate technical solution for every application. The product range is as comprehensive as the applications.


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