Wiper Control System


The Mega-Guard Wiper Control System (WCS) controls up to 9 windshield wipers.


The Mega-Guard Wiper Control System (WCS) controls up to 9 windshield wipers. Each wiper has its own on/off pushbutton and fore and aft wipers are grouped together for simultaneous on/off control.

Separate Aft and Fore pushbuttons are available for Low/High Speed, Heating and Washing functions. In Low speed mode the interval can be varied with the Interval+ and Interval- pushbuttons.

The wipers are synchronized with each other. The washing function includes spraying, wiping and purging.

The Mega-Guard Wiper Control System supports multiple Operator Panels. A typical lay-out includes two Wiper Operator Panels: one installed in fore bridge and one installed in aft bridge. The Operator Panels are inter-connected by a redundant Ethernet network.

A text sheet with a representation of the bridge lay-out is inserted in the front of the Wiper Control System to get a realistic on/off control of the window wipers.

System lay-out

The Mega-Guard Wiper Control System consists of three items:

  • Wiper Operator Panel Size: 144x144x55mm (WxHxD) for flush panel mounting.
  • Wiper I/O Module Size: 127x198x29mm (WxHxD) for Din rail mounting.
  • I/O Cable in between Wiper Operator Panel and Wiper I/O Module with a length of 3 or 5 meter.

The Wiper Operator Panel is flush mounted in the bridge console and contains the wiper pushbuttons and a LCD display for diagnostic messages. The LCD display is  also used to configure the system during installation. A menu driven interface is avaialble for setting all parameters of the Wiper Control System.

The Wiper I/O Module is DIN rail mounted inside the bridge console and the wipers and power supply are directly connected to this module. In addition, the module is  equipped with manual on/off switches for each wiper. The I/O Module should be mounted in such a way that it can be reached without using tools in order to make use of this function.

The I/O Cable connects the Wiper Operator Panel and the Wiper I/O Module.

The Wiper Operator Panel is equipped with:

  • 9 buttons for controlling individual wipers.
  • Wipers Fore button for activating all Fore wipers.
  • Wipers Aft button for activating all Aft wipers.
  • High Speed Fore and Aft buttons for toggling low speed / high speed.
  • Interval- and Interval+ buttons for increasing/decreasing the cycle time for low speed operation
  • Heating Fore and Aft buttons for heating the windows.
  • Wash Fore and Aft buttons for washing the windows.
  • Ack button for acknowledging alarms.
  • Stop Horn button for deactivating the external horn and the internal buzzer.
  • System On and Fault LED’s.
  • Left Arrow and Right Arrow buttons used for dimming and entering Installation mode.
  • LCD display.
  • Internal buzzer.
  • Power supply input: 19~32VDC which is connected to the Wiper I/O Module.
  • I/O Bus connector to connect to I/O Cable.
  • Fail output (voltage-free).
  • Horn output (voltage-free).
  • USB port to connect a USB memory stick.
  • Ethernet port to connect to other Mega-Guard Operator Panels.

The Wiper I/O Module is equipped with:

  • 9 pcs Wiper High speed output.
  • 9 pcs Wiper Low speed output.
  • 2 pcs Wash output.
  • 2 pcs Heat output.
  • 2 pcs Purge output.
  • Power supply input 19~32VDC.
  • Power supply output: 19~32VDC which is connected to the Wiper Operator Panel.
  • I/O Bus connector to connect to I/O Cable.

Other operator modes:

  • Adjustment of dimming level: Arrow Left (less brightness) and Arrow Right (more brightness) pushbuttons. Note that the dimming level is also transmitted via the Ethernet network so that other connected Mega-Guard Operator Panels are dimmed to the same dimming level automatically.
  • Entering Installation mode: Installation mode is active when the correct personal code is entered. This can be achieved by pressing Arrow Left and Arrow Right simultaneously and than Enter Password will be displayed on the LCD display. The password is a sequence of pressing 4 keys in the correct order which is programmed during installation. This can be any key sequence available on the frontpanel of the Wiper Operator Panel. Note that the configuration data can be stored and loaded through a USB memory stick. In this way, it is very easy to make a back-up and to program a sister vessel as the configuration data can be copied from the USB memory stick.



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